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Cruising out of here at what, nine, ten knots. Just the main sail, let’s go, we are flying to Singapore to play online casino sg and find land-based casinos. So I’m just flying the drone and a bird attacked it. We’ve lost the drone and it’s in the water somewhere and we’re trying to find it. – Okay. We’re about to commence operation zero chance.

(laughing) (pleasant music with inaudible lyrics) (crashing waves) – [Becky] Hello lovely humans, just a quick recap on what happened last week on board. We pulled up anchor in Simpson Bay, Saint Martin after getting a few jobs done and the rain followed us around to another Anchorage for the night where we climbed up to Fort Demarido to watch the sunset. (laughing) (upbeat music) Today after some finishing touches to our nearly enforced boom, we’ll be setting sail to Anguilla.

– Something I’m just gonna say, we haven’t even talked through questions of like. – What are you listening to? – We should talk about races and the waves that have changed over time.

I’ll just bracket that. – Ezra someone or other is tightening Sam Harris to task over. – But now we look back and we say they really did not know what they were talking about.

– Tearing it up and they’re like cloaking all the paces and all paces and it’s like a building argument and it’s pretty, just well done. They’re just having a long conversation. (man talking loudly in background) It’s really interesting. – Tell me why it is unfair. – What’s going on? – The zipper.

There’s like two little bits that are broken and it won’t undo now. – Oh no. Come on, you bastard, yeah. (upbeat music) We’ve just got the main sail up and we are cruising out of here at what, nine, 10 knots, with just the main tail, let’s go. 17 knots wind, we are flyin’. (upbeat music) – Anguilla is only a short 30 nautical mile sail away and with the winds we had, we predicted we’d be there in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

(upbeat music) And we were just talking about getting a spinakit and what that would do so we’re now are getting the waves and the true wind from here, we’re doing about nine knots so the apparent wind is coming up over here. If we were to head dead down wind, the apparent wind would drop down so low that it would be going quite slowly or slower. With the spinakit, we’d be out ahead dead down wind and for those passages that we’ve been doing like the Atlantic crossing or if we ever go to do the Pacific again, you can head like dead downwind which means you get this swell directly behind ya and it just pushes you along and it just makes for an infinitely more comfortable trip. And if we get a smaller and thicker material one, we won’t be going quite so fast but it’s more cruising. Like you can leave it up in stronger winds and not have to worry about it so you could leave it up in the middle of the night and know that’s it’s not gonna tear at the first sniff of a squall.

(wind whipping) – You guys, I was wondering, does anyone know what’s happening to my aloe vera plant? I’m very concerned, it was once green and beautiful and now it’s got all this weird stuff on it, like I can’t even explain it, like fluff. There’s fluff on my aloe vera plant. I have no idea what’s going on, I’m very concerned.

I don’t know if it’s dying or if it’s doing something else. So if anyone knows, please let me know because I love my plants. – What are you looking for, Riley? – There’s a squeak, I’ve just become an absolute OCD maniac about squeaks on board lately. It’s of zero consequence apart from my own sanity. (laughing) Let’s see.

Fixed it. – You sure? – Didn’t fix anything, I stopped one small thing from squeaking but you do that every day, you having a win. (pleasant music) ♪ He thinks I’m worth the anger ♪ ♪ Do you think I’m worth the pain ♪ ♪ Please take it easy on my lover ♪ ♪ She means the world to me ♪ ♪ God, I know you be ♪ ♪ Follow me to north temple ♪ ♪ Through the mountains, cross the sea ♪ (pleasant music) – Rode Bay was where we dropped the pick in three metres of water and on a perfect little patch of sand, Aquila is part of the British territory but it was first settled by indigenous Amerindian peoples who migrated from South America with the earliest native American artefacts found on the island dating back to around 1300 BC. We found that the island is generally dry and flat with not much vegetation which is due to the poor soil. But this place is famous for it’s white sandy beaches and that’s what we came here for.

So some devastating news, I was just flying the drone and a bird attacked it because it just started going around and around in circles and it just, the signal cut out and it was like, those birds. And we’ve lost the drone and it’s in the water somewhere and we’re trying to find, I’m so devastated. Where the hell is my drone?

Alright, should we go get me a mask? – [Man] Well there, I can’t say I’m too surprised. – Shut up, natural causes. That was natural causes, it doesn’t count.

– Can you please tell, well for starters, can you turn that off, it doesn’t have a friend anymore. It’s really sad, would you like to explain about how you said that I was a really bad drone flier and you took the drone off me and I wasn’t allowed to fly it anymore? – It was natural causes, I didn’t fly into the rock wall. I’m gonna jump in the water and see if I can find it. I was watching the screen and then I saw just like sky, sky, sky, water, sky, water, sky, water and then it just went black and I was like. And I looked up and there was a big school, what do you call ’em, flock of birds.

– [Man] Was it Parliament of ours? – Should’ve been minding their own business. – [Man] Was it a murderer of crows? – No, but I’m gonna murder the bird if I find it.

(laughing) (motor running) Alright, let’s put a mask on me. I’m goin’ for a swim. – Okay we’re about to commence operation zero chance.

(bird squawking) (laughing) – I’m gonna find it. – Alright, here you go. (splashing) Have you found it yet? (splashing) What she hopes to accomplish with this submerged drone, I have no idea.

Come on Becky. – No luck. – Good effort babe.

– I’ll go try tomorrow as well. Because I’m pretty sure the memory card at least can last in the water. – [Man] If we can get the memory card, we could play it, we could have Bon Jovi’s shot down. (upbeat music) ♪ Shot done in a blaze of glory ♪ – Come on, it’s cold, take me home.

– What should we do with this empty drone box? – I guess throw it out. – Should we put some pot plants in it? – Riley, Stop being mean.

As a distraction from the loss of the drone yesterday, I’ve taken it out on the kitchen and made a complete mess and a gigantic lunch for the boys and we’re about to eat some food and head over to, there’s a few ships washed up over here on the rocks and they look pretty cool so we’re gonna go and explore some of those, try and avoid getting cut by all the metal, that’s our mission today. What do you rate the Sate noodles? – Very nice.

(wind whipping) – Well the boys are being weird on the boat. They ate too much food and now they said they’re not coming with me to the ship wreck. So I decided to solo mission it and I found myself under a bridge and we are going, oh my gosh. It’s lower than I thought. Ship wreck is over there. It’s really killing me not having the drone right now.

When I was flying it yesterday, I was like this is so sick. The sand is so white, the water’s so blue. Like this is amazing and then. (mimicking crashing) Out of signal so I apologise for that. You’re gonna have to stick with me here on the ground.

But I can assure you it’s still very beautiful from down here. (guitar music) Unfortunately there’s still heaps of rubbish and plastic lying around from the hurricane like a bin back here but it’s mostly bits of houses, tyres, random stuff so I’ve been trying to collect what I can from the beach, just sticking it in my bag and then throwing it in a bin when I see one but it’s really hard to drag big things like that. (guitar music) ♪ They told me I was wrong ♪ ♪ It wasn’t my fault ♪ What on earth is that? (waves crashing) Well, we found it. (wind whipping) I always get both, well firstly, I get sad because of the fact that this ship aint goin’ anywhere and it was once thriving, sailing across oceans and then I get a little bit creeped out because it still has that energy, there was once humans inside here, maybe animals as well.

So it’s just like a weird feeling I get when is see a ship wreck, I’m hoping to find a nice spot here to sit and read my book. A non scary book, I’m reading a thriller at the moment. But I think ’cause of my surroundings, I might stick to a happy book. (guitar music) ♪ We could’ve had it all ♪ ♪ But you let it go ♪ ♪ You told me I should know ♪ It may have just got a bit creepier. I just found the engine room. It looks like you can walk inside it.

And I’m really sorry, I’m not gonna do that for ya. (laughing) (guitar music) ♪ ‘Cause you are the only one ♪ Uh oh, Miss Midicamp’s got a boo boo. I’ve had my tetanus shot times two. So I should be okay. (guitar music) ♪ ‘Cause you are the only one ♪ ♪ For me, for me, for me ♪ ♪ For me, for me, for me ♪ (guitar music) Join us for a bonus episode this Friday as we circumnavigate the island and get lost. (laughing) Just quickly before you go, as you guys know we’ve been calling out a bunch of patron’s names because we’re having another meet up in the Bahamas in August which we’re really excited about.

– Because you guys are so amazing. That’s why we decided to do this again because we just have an amazing time. You’re easy, you’re great people and we wanna meet ya. – Sorry, today’s lucky patrons, I’m gonna call out the names, we have Charles Youngman.

(laughing) – Charles, congratulations, please get in touch with us, mate and Yohan Headburg. – Cool. You guys know what to do and we’ll be waiting very patiently to hear from you. – Looking forward to the email and to potentially catching up with you and your partner. – Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already and like the video if you liked it and we love you guys, thank you for watching always. (pleasant music)