New York Casino in Las Vegas Tour

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All right my peoples Adrian aka. Mr. 805 live here in Vegas. Check out the Schulman circle Cirque de Soleil the managing Naughty new acts I watched it. Look at this. I know right here.

Yeah. She looked at Jada Pinkett I’m not trying to fight Will Smith, but Jada who? Hell, yeah All right Oh guys, so big wins with an online casino and online casino free slots at get ready for big jackpots. I try to steady cam I’m gonna try to steady cam in with my finger you guys let me switch answer All right guys so here Chrysler Building. Okay, I guess it’s supposed to be the Chrysler Building, New York Made a Person Oh Guys look at this little cafe area Yeah super cool it’s like a I Don’t know like Paris or you’re very European Assaf, I guess very, New York Not ever going to help you Lady let me get a lady I love Your Vegas and you up in the comments or giving my I send my phone number, you know, I tell you what I like what you got to be cool. I don’t want to stuck-up females.

I’m not going to be like that with you neither I’m not sure you will respect and I want the same thing. It’d be nice for you requires effort I don’t want doctor to Be if people say you’re too nice. I want like this also gonna grow a lot Cause I like corn of course my life thing goes with curves Peanut mainly but I’m open to anything. So let me help my real name Adrian I’m after the messenger then we’ll go out, you know get lunch Hopefully you like me You know where they finish mass That is true, actually I got a Best court I got for my buddy Sean He says treat him like dirt. Let’s take like know Where That’s all I got to say that sentence.

I like to wear You know, I’m gonna you’re gonna show respect Okay guys, so check out The worst chemicals on YouTube Typical my people voice shall we talk? Everything’s everything goes to get burger? I don’t know why it’s gonna require me as to go first to the burger and then to the market needs to go a la verga and then ah to my face I Guess the order of importance is pretty important. You don’t want to go to the mother first and then go to the vet ago. I Don’t see don’t you make sense, right?

Of course First you go to the vet guy Or not first you get to Vega And then you go to the matter, so guys can write that down everyone. I don’t recaps later Man what’s up worried? This is the next danger of parents like, you know dad with hot daughters, right how many of these young Latino guys all was like our age Right, I’m Paulie I have hot ass daughters now hearth, you know Latino guys are we can’t stand anybody looking at our daughters? You know our ladies All right, guys, we’re gonna go near the entrance you got all like vendor stores casino games as you guys know I’ve what you may not know I Have an addictive personality so I was addicted to cocaine alcohol Now addicted to things are more positive, you know, like coffee We will happen when you go up as I’m so lucky to be in Las Vegas I just want to take a moment to give credit Look at how compass is shooting My first shot shoot my episode. I didn’t see these fellas It’s so much fun that I don’t think I have a lot of views on it.