How To Double Down


We’re going to go into how and when to Double Down we have a three players here each with $200 right and you got one player here with an 11 one with the soft 17 and then one with a pair of fives all right first is uh you know dealers for showing right so you know how the player will double down I’ll just put but you know up to you know his original bet right next to the UH to the hand one card gets dealt he only gets one and the idea here is that with the 11 he’s expecting a twat like a 21 out of his hand so he’s trying to kind of bet for power versus you know a card that’s considered weak for the dealer anyway so even if doesn’t make his card right now as I his odds are still looking good right. Learn more about doubling down at CasinoSlots.

So you know in the case is here we’re gonna do that with all three of these guys right here he’s got a soft 18 all right and then with the pair of fives a lot of times people you know like a lot of times new players will want to want to split a pair of fives you know you never want to split those because it’s better to just play it as a regular ten so then here with this hand here he’s got an eighteen dealer has fourteen he busts with 24 and instead of getting paid once could pay twice so now everybody gets 400 and everybody’s happy you know anytime you have a chance to get more money on the tables when the dealer is when the dealer is weak and with the low card alright are you really strong with a 10 or 11 you’re always going to want to double down and that’s what’s going to give you your edge at the tables hey guys in an earlier video we went over a basic strategy and also like how and when to double down in this video we’re going to go over the you know the ins and outs of splitting pairs you know.

Here we’ve got you know five cases where you can or can you know you may or may not want to split your pairs right here with a pair of eights you want to split a pair basically you just put the the same amount of your bet next to your original bet you know and then let’s make a signal for the dealer and then the deal it’ll split your cards right and then basically the idea is that you’re trying to you know maximize the value out of the individual cards as opposed to the pair you know eights aren’t it’s spectacular hand but you know you always split them because otherwise you’re dealing with the 16 which is not good so you know in the case the the eights you know player gets an 11 which you know if the dealer wants.